Friends of Mine


Brunching in Melbourne tends to be a pretty laissez-faire affair. Everyone moves at a Sunday pace all week long and the urge to turn over tables feels secondary to ensuring that the clientele dine in whatever leisurely manner they please. Not so at Richmond’s Friends of Mine where breakfast means such serious business that you could be forgiven for thinking you were eating on the production line of a factory. 

That’s not to say that Friends of Mine makes for an unpleasant cafe choice. It’s perfectly fine here. The food and coffee are both decent, the cavernous interior has been smartly carved up into a number of discrete dining spaces, and the service shows off that business-like efficiency. 

We stuck with our regularly favoured menu choices on this one. House smoked salmon on a corn pikelet with creme fraiche and an egg was a solid dish, as was the smashed avocado, mushroom and feta combo. The ‘Pick. Me. Up. Please’ was a tiny treat of bacon, chutney and cheddar on a brioche roll and is a nice option for something more bite-sized. The menu boasts everything you’d expect - and not much that you wouldn’t - although it’s not often (if ever!) that you see Berocca on the beverage list. A nice touch that’s surely appreciated by those who’ve had a big night out prior to stumbling to brunch. 

Friends of Mine is more than ok, but there’s nothing that makes it particularly special. It’s cash only too - so be sure to come prepared. 

The Brew: 7

The Grub: 7.5

The Mood: 7

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