A Minor Place

It’s somewhat shameful that the eggswithsides crew haven’t ventured out to A Minor Place sooner. After all, this Brunswick darling set the stage for the onslaught of weatherboard-house-cafe-conversion copycats that have come since. And a lazy Sunday’s brunching here is a reminder of why the backstreet local is such a winning formula - hidden enough to give the illusion of exclusivity with the kind of casual cool that makes you feel like part of the B’wick brat pack, even if you’re just a tourist to the ‘hood. 

The menu is of the ‘rustic organic’ variety. Spinach and dukkah are popular sides, generously served up alongside organic free range eggs and ham. The white beans, a house specialty, are delicious. There are some unusual choices too - the brie bagel with avocado, fig chutney and rocket is definitely on the list to try on a return visit. There’s plenty of sweets and lunch options too and the coffee is top notch. 

A Minor Place is at once both relaxed and hip - you can peruse the weekend papers at your leisure without feeling as though irritable waitstaff are just itching to turn your table over to the next batch of hungry brunchers lingering outside. A solid 8 out of 10. 

The Brew: 8

The Grub: 8

The Mood: 9

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